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Protecting Your Business in 2021

Date posted 11/02/21
By John Bayley

2020 was a year of uncertainty to say the least. It often found many of us living day to day waiting on what was coming next, such as the new rules we’d have to follow and how we will adapt our lives, both on a personal and business level. This has and continues to add more initial day to day worries of simply keeping your business safe. The world has become a lot more unpredictable in 2021, and such fears are still going to exist for a while. So, to help you ease any concerns of protecting your business, consider installing or upgrading to high tech security.

Intruder Alarms

When you have had to make your staff work from home, a massive concern will be if your business premises are safe. A lot of workspaces will be left unattended and this may make them a target. A lot of businesses will be filled with valuables such as computers that the company will have invested in to allow the company to advance to its current level. COVID-19 has already damaged so many businesses, so don’t allow burglars to make the fight to keep your business any harder.

Installing intruder alarms is a perfect way to protect your business against unwanted intruders. They are very easy to operate and work effectively around the clock against trespassers. The systems will monitor the inside and the outside perimeter of establishments, reporting any intrusion to an alarm centre. This will then be forwarded to security staff, keyholders to the building and the police. The earlier you are aware of anyone breaking in, the quicker you can act. This will allow you to set the wheels in motion to make sure any unwanted entries are punished and your business is protected.

CCTV Systems

The most effective way to combat anti-social behaviour and crime is through a CCTV installation. Additionally, installing cameras will complement other methods of business security you already have or are considering. Being able to catch the perpetrators in the act will greatly help you in bringing them to justice. 

Business CCTV systems are rapidly advancing to allow better service. With HD and 4K accessible to all, gone are the days of grainy camera footage only allowing for vague representations of the criminals. The revolutionary technology makes combating crime easy. Modern advancements also allow you to check in on your business from your smartphone or tablets – creating a 24 hour stream from the cameras. If you ever felt a notification from your intruder alarm, use the technology to alert and assist security staff and the police in the happenings of any on-going crime.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems enable control over who gets in and who gets out, and will ultimately prevent a lot of unwanted intruders. Through these installations you have the ability to monitor who enters and exits your business’ premises. Having this ensures there are no gaps open for casual break-ins behind unlocked doors which can happen without access control in place.

This revolutionary security tech works in a number of ways. Depending on what would be best for your company, there are many different ways to apply access control, such as keycards and token readers for companies with many members of staff. Smaller businesses may benefit from a code powered lock on the main door.

Final Thoughts

The world has become a lot more unpredictable, so don’t let criminals take advantage of this and consider some improved security for protection. Keeping safe is important in 2021, so make sure you look after your business as well as yourself. 

If you’re interested in understanding more about the security systems we provide, please contact us today.

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