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How To Use CCTV to Protect Your Business

Date posted 15/02/21
By John Bayley

Any business out there will benefit from the installation of closed circuit television systems (CCTV). Whether you run a shop or work in an office, having a CCTV installation will make your business safer in general. Staff can feel a lot safer and being able to capture any crimes that are committed within your workplace makes the security a no brainer to install. CCTV provides a service like no other piece of technology. These omnipresent devices will keep an eye out and care for you, your staff and your business. But, using it effectively is a constant issue when it comes to having it installed for business.

What Can CCTV Work For My Business?

cctv camera

The most common reason for CCTV always boils down to it being an effective deterrent against crime. The sight of CCTV systems to a group of criminals promotes fear and the idea that they can get caught. Simply having CCTV on your premises present will deter more criminals than you’ll ever know about. Obviously, crime may still occur despite the deterrent, but CCTV is there for those moments. You will be constantly collecting evidence if any attack could occur on your business.

People have a common misconception of grainy footage and blurry faces of sketchy characters, however those days are a thing of the past. Modern CCTV systems are very different from the first invented. You can install HD and even 4K security cameras in your business, though there are many options to choose from. The vast majority of choices can provide the clearest and smoothest footage of any incident, allowing you to identify not only the who but how the crime came about.

What’s more, your business will also have the ability to keep records of who is entering and exiting your building. Not all attacks on your business are so blatant and some will be subtle. For example, it can aid you in realising a pattern to the crimes, which is especially helpful if you are suspicious of petty theft. Being able to keep tabs on who is entering your business aids in identifying anyone who is chipping away at your business, and going unnoticed.

How To Optimise CCTV

Installing CCTV in the correct way enables you to use its full potential and is vital to protecting your business. The security camera will be effective but will need synergy with the installment. Having the cameras on both the exterior as well as the interior of your premises is important too. Moreover, you can consider having a central management system in place so that you can monitor and store all footage effectively. This can be paired with video analytics software if you so desire, allowing you to glean powerful insights and statistics from your captured footage.

Placing the cameras in the optimal positions is essential. You may believe that corners will show the wider range of the area, however this can create blind spots that can be exploited by more experienced or meticulous criminals.

Additionally, you should think about securing the equipment. This is an option which is more suitable for businesses who’re more vulnerable to targeted attacks and will likely require covering their cameras. No matter the experience of criminals, they may still pose a threat to your cameras. So, it’s vital to not leave wires exposed, as it’ll make them vulnerable to a quick removal from their power source. To ensure this isn’t likely to happen, it’s a good idea to consider opting for professional installation of your CCTV system and cameras.


CCTV installation has become a must in all businesses. Crime should always be anticipated and you should never be caught out in the dark when it comes to having a secure business. CCTV will help you in many aspects of crime, from reducing risk when working and as a deterrent or to help assist the identification when crime does occur. Investing in CCTV is an investment in your business. Crime can devastate a business so be prepared and protect your business. 

If you would like more information on the CCTV installation services that we provide, please contact us today.

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