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What Makes an Effective Access Control System?

Date posted 04/03/21
By John Bayley

In its simplest form, access control is a way of controlling who and when someone enters a location. A specialist will survey your space and work with you to determine what the best solution would be for your specific access control requirements.  

There are seemingly unlimited opportunities with access control, devices can be installed everywhere, from, site entry and car park access to things such as specific rooms and even cabinet locks.

An In-Depth Look

Physical access control is a matter of looking at the who, where and when of entry. An access control system allows you to observe who is entering and leaving specific areas along with what time and even which rooms they have access to. Of course, a traditional lock and key can be used but it does not allow for as much control as an access control system, nor does it allow for monitoring of the time it was used and who the user was.

This is where electronic access control (EAC) comes in, it allows computers to solve the physical limitations of a traditional lock and key system. A wide range of credentials can be used such as proximity readers, proximity card readers and contactless card readers of course touch-free is a priority currently. The electronic access control system grants access based on the credential presented. When access is granted, door or other barriers, such as those used in car parks, are unlocked for a predetermined time and who unlocked it and what time is recorded.

What Makes an Effective System

Access control systems vary depending on what you require and what your business can put to use. Some systems, however, are fundamentally better than others. So what makes a good system? 


An effective system should be scalable. If it is necessary for the implementation of more hardware such as door access control systems or biometric locks an effective system should be able to do so. 


Cloud-based access control allows for complete control of your facilities, wherever you are in the world. There are no servers to maintain, and software is updated automatically, keeping your organisation safe from cyber threats at all times.


An access control system allows for security beyond the traditional methods, those without the correct credentials or required information should simply not be able to gain entry. You can take this a step further, for example, employees may have access to their own departments but not to others unless required.


For an access control system to be truly effective, it should be tailored to its location. While a standard access control system works, there is no perfect fit for each business, to get the best you should have a tailored access control system for your business.

Ease of Use

An effective system should be all of the above but should also be easy to use for the administrators as well as those using the system like employees. It should be easy to set up additional access for new employees or contractors that work with your business. 

An effective system is not a specific system set out in a set way. While a general basis can be used for a system, to be truly effective it should encompass everything that the particular business needs and be tailored to what they need. It should also allow for expansion, be it the implementation of new hardware or additional security measures. 

If you or your business are looking to upgrade to an effective access control system, then why not get in touch with our expert team here at Bayley Security.

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