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The Importance of Contactless Readers and Exit Buttons

Date posted 19/04/21
By John Bayley

For years, we have been implementing contactless technology into our daily lives. Ranging from keyless door entry to bank cards, contactless technology is all around us. It has also never been so important than it is today. The pandemic has shown how key it is for contactless systems. Contact with furniture, door handles and much more has become a new and unforeseen hazard.

Until now, contactless technology was treated as a useful tool to have, not a necessity. The pandemic has fundamentally changed our behaviour and people are looking at smart solutions from a different angle. Employers want to ensure that employees feel safe when they come to work. As such businesses are looking for technologies and solutions which can help them get to normal or rather adapt to the ‘new normal’. Contactless devices are making environments safer, here is how:

Contactless Doors

There is a huge demand for contactless door opening solutions. Various companies are seeking solutions for contactless doors, ranging from foot-based openers to proximity-based openers. In areas that are controlled or restricted, there is a demand for contactless access control. These can be based around smartphones or a close proximity fob. Technologies have been developed where doors automatically unlock as you walk towards them, sensing and verifying your credentials stored in your smartphone in your pocket.

Entry and Exit Buttons

Physical buttons for entry and exit are now unsafe to use. As such, there is now a need for contactless entry and exit buttons. These buttons can use infrared with an adjustable proximity range to eliminate the need for physical buttons. The buttons can also have proximity card readers if some form of credential is needed. Take a look at our access control section on our website to find out more.

Contactless Lifts

In the workplace, the lift is used constantly as such the buttons are unsafe for use in the pandemic. Amidst the pandemic, many cases have been traced back to lifts. Contactless lift control and access will be the norm post-pandemic due to the necessity of them during the pandemic. Simple solutions like proximity-based elevator control to hi-tech solutions like smartphone-based elevator control have been developed and are being adopted in offices and corporate parks worldwide. 


Even after the pandemic, the need for contactless technology will continue. Contactless technology can provide a much more seamless way of life, keyless door entry will be the new norm simply down to ease of use. As the pandemic has proven, contactless technology is also much more hygienic which will surely be of importance in a post-pandemic life. 

Bayleys Security can provide all of your contactless solutions, be it for contactless access control or a full contactless solution, feel free to contact us.

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